I *heart* my friends

I’ve been in a “book club” for over 4 years now.  I use “quotes” because we stopped reading a book and discussing it a long, long time ago.  We all (well, okay, not all) read quite a bit, and we occasionally discuss the books we’ve read, but we’ve given up picking a book for the month.  Or, if we do pick a book, the majority don’t read it, and it doesn’t get discussed.

Instead, we meet to talk, about our lives, about current events.  We all have mostly the same outlook when it comes to life, religion, politics – all the stuff you’re not supposed to talk about in polite company.  And we are all very intelligent and very outspoken, so our conversations can get quite interesting.

And it’s not just when we meet.  Today, at about 11:15, one of the ladies sent out an email, venting about a friend of a friends political remark that pissed her off.  I instantly stopped working and waded in.  I sent my email and cursed, because I had to run out to the grocery store at lunch.  But I knew that things were about to get very interesting.  I went ahead and went to the store, and was gone for maybe 25 minutes.  I got back to 4 new emails.  By 3pm, my inbox had gone from 30 to 69, and only two of those were work related.  To paraphrase one of the ladies, “Jesus H, I run to the grocery store to get provisions and booze and come back to the stench of sardines and politics!”  (Oh, yeah, someone mentioned her husband opened a can of sardines and it was stinky.)

We went from politics, to welfare, to religion, to euthanasia.  We didn’t always agree, but DAMN it made for a good afternoon.

Love you guys!!!

(And I watched the highlights of Obama at the Republican thing today, and it’s amazing how much “Bolshevik” sounds like “Bullshit.”  I had to rewind it to verify what he said.)

3 responses to “I *heart* my friends

  1. HEY, why wasn’t I included in this e-mail?

  2. delightfuleccentric

    Oh, man, you weren’t, were you?! I’ll have to forward you some of them, but trust me, it got LONG. If you weren’t checking your email every 5 minutes, you were screwed.

  3. I’ve been quoted. Sweet!