Too much in my head

Enough to make anything I write come out sounding depressed and bitter and sad.  And bitchy.  So I’m going to hold off for the time being.  I’ll be better soon.  I’m sure. 

Oh, but I will tell you I busted my ass today in the parking lot at work.  Not sure what happened exactly, but I essentially fell over sideways, lost my shoe, and my purse, landed on the ground, and actually went all the way onto my back.  Scraped my left hand (asphalt burn, but no abrasion), and my right foot (the one that lost the shoe) still hurts.  I think I hit it on the ground, or scraped it, or something – I thought for sure I had torn the sock and my skin.  But I didn’t.

And, yes, of course, it was my right foot.  Right knee, right hip, right foot…What the fuck next?  Evidently the universe does not want me to exercise, which of course means it also wants me to weigh 200 pounds.

And there I go.  Depressed, bitter, sad.

Signing out.


6 responses to “Too much in my head

  1. Having a bad day doesn’t mean you’re depressed, bitter, and/or sad. Blogging about your bad day doesn’t mean you’re depressed, bitter, and/or sad.

    Sitting in your car in the garage with the garage completely sealed up and running the engine, on the other hand….

    • delightfuleccentric

      I’m not those things BECAUSE I had a bad day – I’m just those things because…well, I am. That’s just been my mood pretty much all year (all 6 days of it).

      It’s just a good thing I don’t have a garage…

  2. Yeah, if you can’t write about your fucked up day on your blog, where can you? 🙂 Sorry you busted your ass in the parking lot…blame it on the cold weather!
    Now go watch a rerun of The Bachelor and work on that reel of pilot jake not wearing a shirt!

  3. Sorry you had a bad day yesterday. I hope this one is much better.

    • delightfuleccentric

      Well, it started out bad. Like, crying at work bad (luckily no one was in yet, so no one saw). But I’m not as bad off as I was this morning. Still not great, but not as bad.

  4. I’m so sorry! Tomorrow will be better, for sure.

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