Not a Resolution

2009 went by insanely fast. I don’t know what happened to the days.

They say that the older you are, the quicker time goes by. It makes sense. A ten year old spent 10% of his life in 2009. I spent less than .5% of my life in 2009. Being super busy at work and a little scattered at home contributed to a lot of “wasted” time. In December, I thought it was May.

What happened during that lost time?

2010 will be different. I will live each day. I will keep track of time, in an effort to slow it down. That’s my theme for the year, if you will.

How will I do this?

A picture a day, for each day of the year. One picture, and one picture only, that captures the day. I can’t take credit for the idea – I got it from Taylor McKnight (where I found out about it, and McKnight’s website). I was originally going to try to do a blog a day, and was looking for prompts, when I ran across the idea. And I love it. I worry that there will be some days that I just post a picture of my cat, but that’s okay. That day will not be lost.

Last year, my friend Jen resolved to put the camera down and enjoy life. I’m vowing to pick the camera up for the same reason.

You can check my photoblog here:   I’ve also added an rss feed to the right side of this page…although, it’s not working yet, so we’ll see how well this works.

One response to “Not a Resolution

  1. You know what’s strange? This was my exact idea for 2010 as well. A photo everyday for an entire year. Brilliant minds must think alike, huh?
    I did enjoy putting down my camera this year (though…it was one thing I didn’t do very well) and being more involved when I was out and about.