The Amazing Race, Episode 11

We’re still in Prague.  We get a brief recap of the season (and I’m totally calling BS at this point, for the first time in Race History – more on that later), and we are off to Vegas, Baby!

Briefly…if you’ll remember from the last episode, there was a 2 hour time difference between the 1st team to leave the pit stop (Megan & Cheyne) and the last team (Brian & Ericka).  They are still in first and last place, respectively, but there is now a 4 hour time difference.  Granted, Brian & Ericka had that speedbump, but that couldn’t have taken but an extra half hour.  I think it shows what great racers Megan & Cheyne really are.  Of course, the time doesn’t mean crap, because I’m sure all three teams will be on the same flight to Vegas, but…I’m just saying.

It looks like the teams were all super smart this time.  They’ve lightened their load and are carrying the smallest amount of things that they can.  The big backs are gone, and it is ON.

Roadblock – who’s ready to climb down the mountain?  I’ll do it.  One team member must do a face-first rappel 62 stories.  Easy-peasy.


Heh.  Cheyne did the entire rappel with his eyes closed. 

Most of the tasks were kind of meh – nothing incredibly exciting, nothing that anyone could really do different.  All three teams stuck pretty close together.  More Sam and Dan bickering – GOD I can’t wait until they are off my tv.

All three teams are waiting to find out if they correctly counted out $1M in casino chips.  Megan & Cheyne got it correct.  The other two teams did not.  Sam & Dan get it next.  Brian & Ericka are wrong again.

And it’s Cheyne & Megan!  Big surprise there – they’ve rocked it the entire time. 

Sam & Dan are second.  Pricks.

Brian & Ericka are third. 

Until next season…


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