The Amazing Race, Episode 10

For some reason, I was completely exhausted last week, and didn’t watch The Race.  And I haven’t had an opportunity to watch it until now.  But that means I get two episodes in a row!  Yippee!

We start out in Prague.  (Have I mentioned how jealous I am?)  Megan & Cheyne leave first, and they really seem to be the team to beat.  What’s funny is that no one seems concerned about them.

Roadblock:  “In order to obtain the impossible one must attempt the absurd.”  Well, that may be the longest clue ever.  I’ll do it.  One person must enter the buerocratic word of kafka-esque.  The team member must search for five ringing phones among dozens that have a person on the other end.  They will be given 5 letters, which they need to unscramble.  The letters are A-F-Z-R-N.  Can you figure it out? 

Ha – Sam telling Dan not to get frustrated on the roadblock – that’s pretty humorous.  Dan is the biggest drama queen in The Race.

There was a two hour difference from first to last team, and the last team has a speedbump. 

Oh, my.  teams but strip to their skivvies and enter a cryo chamber.  Two minutes in -180 Celsius.  That’s cold as HELL.  Good god. 

Cheyne just used the word gnarly.  What year is this?

There was a two hour time difference from the first team to the last, and Brian & Ericka have a speed bump.  The team must go to a bar and prepare and drink absinthe.  Ick.  I’m not an absinthe fan.  But at least this speedbump, like the last one, is pretty quick.  Brian makes a point though – he doesn’t drink alcohol.  I don’t know why, but what if he’s an alcoholic?  I don’t know that it was a great speedbump.  But they get through it pretty quick, and now they’re off to the Roadblock.

And once again, Dan shows that he’s a complete ASS.  After working with Big Easy to get the word Franz, both of them taking turns with different letter combinations, Dan manages to get it, and when Big Easy asks what it is, Dan says, “It starts with the letter F, that’s all I’m saying.”  If I were Big Easy, I would knock him on his ass.  Fucker.  And he knows it. 

Detour:  Legend or Lager.  In Legend, teams will build a gullum, made out of straw and clay, and transport the figure across town.  In Lager, teams must carry 30 beers across the town square and deliver to soccer fans in a bar.  Um, yeah, The Pilot and I will be doing Lager.  No doubt.

The Globetrotters end up taking a penalty instead of finishing the roadblock, giving them a 4 hour penalty until they can resume the race.  I don’t know that it was a smart move.  I mean, all the teams have passed you at this point, so you know you’re in last place.  You have no idea what’s ahead.  You think unscrambling 5 letters would take longer than 4 hours?  Although, evidently, Big Easy has already been at it for over 2 hours. 

First place – Megan & Cheyne.  Shock!

You know, as much as I actually like Sam & Dan at the beginning of The Race, I HATE them now.  They are SOOOOOO aggravating!  And, actually, I think it’s mostly Dan that pisses me off.

Brian & Ericka seemed to have a hard time with the beer task, but I still believe it’s the better task.  That gullum thing was obviously heavy as hell, and they had to pull it further than you had to transport the beer.

Sam and Dan broke their gullums arm at the very beginning.  I am WAITING for the rabbi to tell them they have to redo it.  I will LAUGH.    Ugh – he let them have it.  dammit.

Sam & Dan are number 2.

Brian & Ericka are number 3.

The Globetrotters are stopped before they go into the cryo chamber and sent to the next pit stop.  They’re out.  At least they had fun with it.

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