The Amazing Race, Episode 9

4 teams left.  Man, this season is going fast.  They always do, though. I love the show so much, I want it on all the time.  If they had an Amazing Race Channel, it would probably be enough to make me pay for extended cable again.  It satisfies my desire to see the world at the same time as it stokes it.  It feeds the craving, while making me crave more. 

It’s crack!!

Off to Prague.  I am so jealous.  Prague is definitely top 10, maybe even top 5. 

Oy.  “Prague?  Do they speak Spanish there?”  “No, it’s a country!”  You could tell the second guy was thinking, dumbass.  Yeah, pot, meet kettle.

The teams are really, really close together starting out – there’s only 22 minutes between the first team and the last team leaving the pitstop.  I don’t remember time being so tight leaving the pitstop before.

Brian and Ericka took a risk and followed some advice from people on the plane.  They were told the subway was the quickest way to get where they were going.  They took a bus to the subway, while all the other teams took cabs to their next clue.  It was a gamble to take the subway, and it didn’t pay off.  But I would have probably chosen the same option.  If a local tells you this way is quicker, then it ‘s probably quicker.  …But not in this case.

Detour:  Fast or Slow.  In Fast, teams must kayak/raft a course and grab a ribbon with their next clue.  If they tip, they have to start over.  In Slow, teams have to pull themselves along a ropes course.  Hmmm….I think The Pilot and I could do either.  I’m sure the rapids were only a class II or III.  But the ropes course would definitely be easy.

The brothers did Fast, and both Megan & Cheyne and the Globetrotters did the ropes course before the brother tipped the third time.  I didn’t realize I didn’t like the brothers, or maybe it’s just that they were both being whiny b*tches tonight, but I was clapping each time they tipped over.  It was fun to watch. 🙂  They ended up switching to Slow.

Megan and Cheyne end up getting in an argument about working with the Globetrotters.  They decided to tell them what they had learned (that the tram was the quickest way to get to the next clue), since they knew the Globetrotters were going to follow them, anyways.  Then Megan got directions from a local, and Cheyne grabbed a taxi that was driving by.  They ended up taking the taxi, and Megan was upset because they had told the Globetrotters they would work with them, and she told Cheyne he was being rude.  Cheyne’s take:  we’re in a race, they could have grabbed a taxi just as easily.  Personally, I’m on Cheyne’s side on this one.

Roadblock:  Who can remain composed under pressure?  Oooooo…..  I’ll take this one.  You have to search through the 600 seats in a theater for a miniature mandolin.  Psh.  600 seats, no problem.  Better than a football stadium, as they’ve done in past seasons.

(Damn Folgers Coffee commercial is making me cry.  The one where the guy comes home (I think from the military) and he brings his little sister a gift, and she takes the bow on the present and puts it on him and says, “You’re my gift.”)

The Brothers stole Brian & Ericka’s taxi – far worse than what Cheyne did to the Globetrotters.  I hope Karma comes back to bite them in the ass.

Prague Castle.  The largest ancient castle in the world.  Did I mention I was jealous?

Megan and Cheyne come in first, again.  They are smokin’

Top Three is set.  Brian & Ericka are out.  Was it because of the stolen taxi?  Maybe.  They may have had a shot if the brothers had to wait for a taxi to be called.  But, we’ll never know.


I totally did not see that coming.  AWESOME!

Can’t wait for next week!  🙂

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  1. What a great episode, can’t wait for the next one!