Stuff Happens

I think too much. About everything. I’m a worrier.

Eight or nine years ago, I was doing laundry, not thinking anything of it, when the drain hose jumped out of the wall and all however many gallons of water started emptying out on the floor. Since then, I worry about the hose jumping out again – even though it’s zip-tied to the water line and it couldn’t possibly jump. I won’t leave the house if the washing machine is running.

I’ve heard horror stories about the dryer causing a fire. I won’t leave the dryer on if I leave the house.

I have a space heater in the bathroom, set on a timer to turn on early in the morning to warm the room up. I am terrified of it causing some sort of fire.

Now, I’m adding to my irrational household fears with this new dishwasher. I was completely oblivious to how dishwashers worked until this weekend. They just filled with water and drained, and I didn’t think about it. But now, now that I’ve seen where the water and drain hoses are, I’m terrified of one of them springing a leak. Even though we tested it, and everything worked fine. I wish the plate at the bottom of the dishwasher was one-hinged, so you could flip it up and look under at any time without unscrewing it. Because Sunday night, I turned it on, and I stood there, telling myself not to go get a screwdriver, that I didn’t need to check the hoses for leaks. I argued with myself for ten minutes! I’m sure that will happen next time I run it, as well.

I’ve recently become worried about things such as falling in the shower, because I don’t know how long it will be until someone finds my dead, naked body, the water still running. On the plus side, if I do fall in the shower and die, my cat won’t want to get wet to eat me.

Wow. And with that last sentence, I realize how completely irrational I am. I mean, I knew it before, but that sealed the deal.

When did I get like this? Is it a mortality thing? Like, when you’re a kid you have no fear of death, but as you get older you realize all the things that could happen? But I still like roller coasters, and adventure sports, and other things that other people are scared of. In fact, I would rather be the first one to try a brand new roller coaster than leave the dryer on when I’m not home. What does that say about me? I’m a complete nutcase!!!


5 responses to “Stuff Happens

  1. Yeah, but we love you anyway. 😉

  2. Sometimes, you feel like a nut. Sometimes… you don’t.

  3. i have this completely irrational fear that someone is trying to break into my house every time one of my dog barks in the middle of the night. i have started having to sleep with my iPod (headphones on) and the volume up loud entire to block out any noise.
    i laughed about your cat not eating you because she (he?) wouldn’t want to get wet. 🙂

  4. Er, Hon, they have meds for this….

    In all seriousness though: we’re all a little OCD on occasion– I know I am. (now hush yo mouf!)