I have a new dishwasher!

I think the dishwasher I’ve had is the original in the condo.  It was built in 1985.  The dishwasher is officially an antique.

I bought the new one last Monday, and The Pilot had some time on Friday to pick it up and bring it home.  We didn’t get to hook it up, though.

Saturday I was able to disconnect the electrical and water lines, and pull the old dishwasher out of the hole a little bit (thanks to monkeysee), but I couldn’t get the darn drain hose off the garbage disposal, so I had to wait for reinforcements.


The reinforcements weren’t able to disconnect the hose, either (which made me feel a little better), so we ended up cutting the hose. Got the old dishwasher out, the new one in, checked it for leaks, and…


Isn’t it pretty?

Now, as if I couldn’t wait to get a new range already, I really can’t wait to get one now. The new dishwasher just makes me hate the old range so much more than I already did.



One response to “I have a new dishwasher!

  1. Bee-yoo-tee-full! Love it. It’s gorgeous. But you’re right, now everything else needs to be updated. Maybe get a new range, paint the cabinets, get a new formica top and a new faucet? You will get every dollar back, that is, if you ever decide to sell. 🙂