The Amazing Race, Episode 6

Wow, seems like just today that Episode 5 was on!  🙂

We are still in Dubai, for those who are curious….  Isn’t it funny how once something comes to your attention, you notice it everywhere?  Like when you hear a new word – let’s say “accoutrements” (fitting, since the first time I heard it was on TAR) – and you’ve never heard it before, and then you hear it ALL THE TIME.  Anyways…  Did you know the Palm Jumeira is bigger than 800 football fields, and cost more than $12 billion to create.  Wow.

I think the only team I don’t really dig is the Poker Girls.  I like everyone else.  Go figure.  There’s no team for me to actively hate.  That’s…different. 

Off to Amsterdam.  They have to drive on a 19 mile causeway.  Have I mentioned my fear of driving over long stretches of water?

I love this group!  They all get along so well!  It’s great to watch, after many seasons of bickering teams and asshat behaviour.  And, wow, did I just spell that the British way?

Roadblock – who’s got stong legs and keen eyes.  Well, crap.  We’re on top of a building.  Strong legs=stairs?  Keen eyes=looking for something?  The Pilot certainly has more attention to detail, I think.  He’ll do it.  Yep, must climb the tower and count the number of bells.  (I really must figure out how many roadblocks I’ve assigned each of us.)

Hmmm…Sam gave the number of bells to the Poker Girl, so she didn’t have to count.  However, isn’t that part of the clue, to count?  Will they take a penalty for that?

Detour:  Farmer’s Game or Farmer’s Dance.  In Game, they have to swim across the creek and play three holes of “farmer’s golf” – looks kind of like croquet.  In Dance, teams must learn and perform a dance, then eat salted herring.  Ew – salted herring?  I think we’ll do Game.  And evidently Matt is with me – he saw herring and switched tasks!  It kind of triggers my gag reflex just thinking about it.

Poker Girls pulled a Quadruple switch!  They chose a task, switched, switched again, and then switched again!  That may be a first in the history of the race.  Aaaaand they are done for.  

Fabulous episode – I think one of the better ones in recent history. 

Holy crap holy crap holy crap!!  Next week, they’re doing the hay bales again!  The roadblock that kicked the Mormon Sisters’ Asses.  And it looks just as bad this time around – can’t wait!!



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