Weekend Trip

I looked at the US Airways e-savers today, and saw that Washington DC is on special for $83 each way.  I’ve always wanted to go to DC, so I’m going to go.  It’s supposed to be rainy on Saturday, but Sunday and Monday are sunny with highs in the low 60’s.  Should be fabulous.

Of course I want to walk through the Mall, and go to the Vietnam Memorial.  Maybe the National Arboretum?  The Smithsonian Institute, obviously.  The National Gallery of Art.  Is the Aquarium any good?  Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens.

Where else should I go?  Who’s been and can give tips?

Okay, so I’m not really going to DC this weekend.  It is on e-saver, and it is a great deal.  And one day, I hope to go.  So go ahead and leave your suggestions for where to go and what to do in DC, for future reference.

2 responses to “Weekend Trip

  1. Go to the spy museum, all the Smithsonian Museums, the holocaust museum and all the sites. You can easily get around without renting a car – so you should totally go! It’s a walkable city with lots of free things to do. I loved living there except for all the damn traffic!

  2. We are thinking about going in the Spring. Come with us! We will be driving up with the camper. We would see a ton of museums and stay at a campground that’s close to the rail.