The Amazing Race, Episode 4

Delayed again, due to OT football.  But I got to watch a little special on Drew Barrymore on 60 Minutes, which was neat.  I really like her.  I think she’s accomplished much, all things considered.  She’s not perfect – far from it.  Which is why she’s so great. 

The Amazing Race!  (Let’s relive the sad elimination of Zev and Justin.  Okay, done.)

The pit stop was in Cambodia.  And ANOTHER actual CLUE.  God, I’m loving  this season.  They are off to Dubai, to the World’s Tallest Building.  Of course, one team doesn’t know where the Persian Gulf is.  (Shakes her head…)   Hee hee – then Ericka is like, “duh, it’s in Dubai!”  Good on you.  And then, one team goes to the airport and asks for tickets to the Persian Gulf. The woman says, I don’t know where that is.  And they tell the next team that arrives, “The Persian Gulf isn’t even a country.”  Wow.

What is up with the cameras in Dubai?  They all are foggy.  Oh, it’s evidently extremely hot.  Condensation is a bitch.

Okay, so they have to go up the world’s tallest building.  Some people are freaking out, scared of heights, thinking they have to jump off the top.  They take an elevator to the top.  Go to the clue box, and then ride the elevator back down. OOOOOOO, SCARY!  What the heck?

There’s a fast forward available on this leg. A fast forward is where you get to skip all tasks and go directly to the pit stop.  Only one team can get it.  Now, IMO, when everyone is bunched like this, and you know bunching is going to happen again, I don’t know that the fast forward is worth it.  Especially if you know other teams are going for it, too.  But that’s me.

Roid Rage Couple:  Him “This Exit?”  Her “No.”  “This exit?” (Regarding the exact same exit.)  “No, no.”  “This exit?”  “No. Straight.  I said no three times.”  “So we’re not supposed to be on this exit?”  “No.”  Wow.  Dude.

Roadblock:  Who thinks they can beat the desert heat?  Hm.  I think The Pilot will take this one. 

Okay, I’m liking Brian.  He’s helpful.  He shares information.  That’s how I would be, all about karma and do unto others and reap what you sow.  Of course, The Pilot would be the complete opposite, trying to point teams the wrong direction.  That would definitely be a bone of contention with us.  However, when the Poker Players kill their car, Sam and Dan need to leave.  Yes, she helped with your ladle, but there’s nothing you can do to help her in this situation.  LEAVE.

“Take your time, but be fast.”  That’s…prophetic.  Oh, wait – “I’m never going forward again”, in regards to driving.  Good luck with that.  “I’m an asian female driver,” and that’s her excuse for breaking the car.  Way to live up to a stereotype.

I hate it when racers plead with God.  “Please god, help me find this, Please god, don’t let us be last.”  God is in the bathtub, STFU.

Detour:  Build a snowman, or find a snowman.  In Build, you have to take snow from Ski Dubai and build a snowman, outside, where it’s 130 degrees.  In Find, you sled down the hill and look through the snow at the bottom for a tiny snowman.    Well, I was going to say Build, but changed my mind to find.  Yes, it’s like finding a clue in a haystack (ode to sisters on previous race), but I think it would be better than building and having the snowman melt on you before you finish.

“Isn’t it funny how you can drive a 120 miles here, and it feels like 60?”  “Well, it’s a 120 kilometers, which is about 60 mph.”   The quotes in this episode are killing me.

Ericka laughing during the sledding was hysterical – she was having so much fun!  That’s great.

Pit stop looks beautiful:  Souk Madinet Jumeirah  And you can see that one hotel in the background, the one with the helicopter pad, that’s built in the water.

Yep, fully in love with Brian and Ericka. 

Blondie can’t sled, because she’s never done it.  It’s SLEDDING!  It doesn’t take any skill!  And isn’t that part of the race experience, to do things you’ve never done before?

Roid Rage wants to kick the snowman he just built.  Why does he always want to kick things?  But, YAY!!  He’s off my TV!  Now I have to find a new team to hate!  I don’t think I can do that…

Next week, on the amazing race:  Blondie freaks out with floaties on, and her uber-religious boyfriend tries to throw her down the waterslide.  Gee, that looks like it’ll be fun to watch.


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