“It was the nearest thing to heaven!”

I had a good giggle today.  I work right under one of the flight paths for landing at Charlotte Douglas.  What that means is that whenever I’m outside, and a plane is overhead, I look up and send a little hello to The Pilot.  I’ve probably never actually caught the plane he’s on, but that’s what I do.  So today, I was driving, and I looked up at a plane.  And I thought to myself, “watch the road, you don’t want to get in an accident!”  Which instantly made me think of An Affair to Remember.  “It’s nobody’s fault but my own!  I was looking up…you were there!”  Something tells me that’s going to be me one day when I get in an accident.  🙂

I’ve decided to paint my cabinets in an attempt to update my kitchen in bathroom.  My place is very dark (as in, not much natural light), so I can’t possibly paint them a dark color.  I didn’t want white, so I had settled on cream.  With that in mind, I went ahead and picked up hardware to install on the cabinets (painting is a few months away, I think).  I got some great pulls, and they are now installed in my bathroom.  Kitchen is up soon.  Then I started thinking about things some more.  I’m getting new kitchen appliances soon, and I was going to get white (because the fridge is white, and I may not need to replace that).  And the counters are an off-white laminate.  Would I like to get the countertops redone?  Well, yes, of course, but that’s a little further down the road.  In the meantime, I’ll have white appliances, off-white countertops, and cream cabinets.  Yeah, I’m thinking that’s not good.  So I have changed my mind (that’s what a woman does best, afterall), and I think I’ll do the cabinets a light grey.  Unless I have to get a new fridge, in which case I could go stainless steel.  My mom may have a range for me, I just have to get it here.  The cabinet and drawer pulls will work with anything.  Ah, home ownership. 

Today, I worked out for the first time in three weeks (thanks to a cold).  And, I went to an exercise class I love for the first time in two years (thanks to my knee problem).  I told the instructor at the beginning of class about my knee, to let him know I might end up collapsing on the floor in agony.  Overall, I think it did okay.  I had some stabilization issues during jumps, but other than that, I was good.

Now I need to shower, and then I have some work to do.  Like, work work.  Not fun, but has to be done.  😦


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