The Amazing Race, Episode 3

A late start to the show tonight, thanks to a football game.  But that’s why I set my Tivo to keep recording for an extra hour. 🙂

We start out in Ho Chi Minh City, with the Globetrotters in first place.  And we’re off to…Cambodia.

So, all teams leave within an hour of each other, before 8pm, and the first flight out is at 12:30 the next day.  That’s quite a wait.

Really kind of loving Justin, who took Zev under his wing at some camp, which makes me think they were somewhat young at the time.  A kid who is willing to be friends with “the wierdo,” as I’m sure Zev was known as, and they are still friends…yeah, kind of crushing on him. 🙂

You know, all this talk about two teams not getting on the first flight, people thinking it would be “nice to have some breathing room”…I’m thinking they’re going to get on the flight.  “We need to be on that plane…it’s a race…it’s very important that we get on the first flight…we need to get on that plane…” DunDunDun – commercial.  (And I’m so glad Miss teen SC can make fun of herself…even though I don’t think she realizes that she is, in fact, making fun of herself.)

Back from commercial.  Oh, look at that!!  Both teams got on the flight!  Whodathunkit?  (Note to the usually fabulous editors – when you pump it up that much, it’s not that big a surprise.)  Oh, and Mr. Roid Rage:  “No cheap win, bitches!”   Yeah, dude, calm the F down.

They get a picture of Jackie O, and several of the teams recognize her.  But then…”It’s definetly Queen Elizabeth.”  “Definitely someone of Cambodian descent, she looked like the people of Cambodia.”  Hmm.  I’ve never thought Jackie O looked Asian…

Detour!!!  Cover or Wrap.  In cover, teams have to sell helmets.  In wrap, they have to find someone in an identical wrap as one they are given.  Well, I think Wrap sounds easier, but often on the race, selling to the locals is amazingly easy.  I think this is a rock, paper, scissors moment for The Pilot and me.

Eeek.  Justin & Zev tell their taxi driver they are looking for a woman wearing that particular scarf, in a way that sounds like they expect him to help look.  I wonder if that’s allowed?  The Globetrotters do it, too.

Roadblock:  Who’s ready to go bananas?  No visual clues…I’ll do it.  Oh, great.  I have to learn to be a monkey.  Fabulous.  The Pilot will laugh at me for MONTHS for this one.  Okay, so, Meghan is doing the monkey task, and Cheyne says, “bend over, yes baby, that’s it, that’s it.”  …I have such a dirty mind.

First team – Zev & Justin.  2nd – Sam & Dan.  3rd – Globetrotters.  But then, Zev finds out he lost his passport, and unless they find it, they will be out of the race.  Off they go to retrace their steps, and they lose they’re first place finish.

Mr. Roid Rage does a roundhouse kick on the way to the mat, for some reason. 

And, of course, my love for Justin at the beginning of the race has doomed them at the end.  The Poker Players arrive last, but get to stay because someone didn’t strap their passport to their ass.  That’s one of the top 10 rules, guys. 

Next time, on The Amazing Race:  Off to Dubai, with a lot of extremes.


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