The Amazing Race, Episode 2

WHOOO!  Episode 2!

(Update from Episode 1 – I was wrong.  The Pilot would have chosen to go to the hotel to book tickets.  I stand corrected.)

At this point, there’s no one I really (really) dislike.  Which is kind of nice.  And certainly a change.

Ah, so there was a monsoon in Vietnam.  Good to know.  10 teams remain.  Who will be eliminated…next?

The pit stop moved while they were resting – I think that’s a first.  And it doesn’t allow the teams to do any recon, which is interesting.  And did Matt dye his hair pink at the pit stop?  I don’t remember it being pink before.

And another actual clue!!!  It’s not just “go here, do this.”  That’s awesome.  I really wish they did more of that.

Detour:  Child’s Play or Word Play.  I vote Word Play.  I’ll have to check with The Pilot.  Only one team chose it, but they couldn’t figure out to ask someone for help.

Okay, Lance is getting on my nerves.  ‘Roid Rage, anyone?

Roadblock:  Who’s ready for a complete breakdown?  Um…no visual clues about what this might be.  I’m thinking this one is The Pilot’s.  Probably a good thing – you had to breakdown and sort electronics.

Okay, so the Pit Stop is at the Reunification Palace, which is historical in that tanks broke the gates to end the Vietnam War.  And, yet, it seems no one they ask knows where it is.  How is that?  If you’re in DC and ask where the White House is, everyone will know.  What’s up with that?

Thoughts:  Lance tore the VCR apart with his hands without bothering to unscrew the bolts because “it’s the man thing to do.”  Really?  I wonder how far behind the older couple were, and if them not asking for help killed them. 

Still no favorites, but definitely a team I dislike now. Actually, just one person I dislike: Lance.  He cannot leave my TV fast enough.


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