The Amazing Race – Episode 1

Every season, I say I’m going to blog about TAR and what I would do if I was on it.  This season, I’m really going to do it.  I’m going to imagine that The Pilot and I are competing on TAR Season 15.  I will ramble – I apologize in advance.

Here we go!! 

No teams annoy me at the beginning, so that’s already a plus.  Cool little twist at the beginning – one team doesn’t even make it past the starting line!  And it’s an actual clue!  They need to find a license plate in Japanese, and it’s actually written on the clue.  Unfortunately, some of the teams aren’t smart enough to figure that out…  And, wow, the married yoga instructors are out first!  I really thought they’d make it far.  Just goes to show….

On to Tokyo.  And someone starts speaking Spanish.  Happens every season.

OMG!  It’s a Japanese Game Show!!  That is too funny.  Oh, my, they have to eat a “wasabi bomb.”  Ouch!  They have two minutes to eat it.  It doesn’t say if this is a roadblock (where only one team member does it), and there is no clue about what it will be.  But, if you choose which team member does it based simply on what you are presented with, then I would be the one doing this.  I’m the sushi fan, The Pilot just eats it.

 And the Professional Poker Players are out. OH, NO!!  They are saved by a non-elimination leg!!  A NEL on the first leg?!  Wow.  But, they have a two hour penalty, and a “speed bump” coming up – that’s going to put them pretty far behind starting out on the next leg.  Can they overcome it?  We shall see….

Oh, we’re starting the second leg tonight!  On to Vietnam.  Some teams go straight to the airport.  Some teams go to a hotel to book tickets online.  Which is better?  Knowing The Pilot, he would probably want to go straight to the airport and try to talk his way into something.  I’ll have to ask him.  (Honey, it’s 12:30am in Tokyo, and we need to catch a flight to Vietnam.  Should we go to the airport, or should we go across the street to the hotel and try to book tickets online?)

It’s evidently monsoon season in Vietnam – they’re wading through calf deep water in the streets.  And then they go thigh deep in mud!  Fun!  Although, I always hate the locals laughing at everyone.  Or, I should say, I like it, but I would hate it if they were laughing at me.

Roadblock!  “Who’s feeling just ducky?”  Well, okay, there are a bunch of ducks, and there seems to be a bit of a corral.  Based on that….Hmm, I think this will be a case of Rock Paper Scissors.

That’s my number 1 rule.  In the event that we can’t decide what to do, we’re going to play Rock Paper Scissors.  It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s definitive.  It saves us from going back and forth trying to decided which one of us is right.  In this roadblock, it doesn’t appear (based on the clues) that one of us would be better than the other.  So, Rock Paper Scissors.

Another rule:  If I say Shut Up during a roadblock, then you better shut up.  There is constructive help, and then there is just yelling.  I will accept pointers.  I will accept constructive criticism.  I will accept praise and cheering support.  Up to a point.  At that point, be quiet.  And I will try to do the same.

Aaaaaannnddd, one of the nondescript “dating” couples is out.  I wish I could say that you will be missed, but you won’t be.  In 5 weeks, when I see you in the opening credits, I will wrinkle my brow and wonder who you were.


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