Bad Hair

I hate getting my hair cut. I don’t mean that I hate getting a new style, or trying to learn how style a new cut. I mean, I hate calling and making an appointment and going to get it done. I don’t fear it, I just dread it. And I’m not sure why. I’m thinking I may need to be hypnotized to find out what happened to me as a child (or in a former life) that would make me hate it so much. Some deep-seated aversion due to an incident with hair clippers that I have managed to block from my memory.

For years, I got only yearly haircuts. One time I went a full eighteen months between haircuts. I had really long hair, and it’s always been fairly healthy, so I didn’t need frequent trims. I would keep an eye on the ends, and when I started noticing a bunch of split ends, I would make an appointment. And I don’t remember having an aversion to it at that time. Five years ago, something in me snapped, and I had to have my hair cut, and I mean now. I had already been considering donating to Locks of Love, but I kept thinking I would give it a few more inches, so my hair wouldn’t be too short. But that day, in Denver, I had had it. I told my boss I was taking a long lunch, went to Super Cuts, and had it chopped off. 12”. And it was still below my shoulders. A simple, straight cut.

And I let it grow again. Because it’s so easy not to get it cut. Three years and two trims later, I was done again. I went to see a stylist and chopped it off – about 14” this time. And I loved the new cut I had.

And then I let it grow, but I knew I didn’t want super long hair again. But I didn’t know what I want, and it ended up in this mid-length blob (not bob). And I went and got it cut, and the new cut was okay, and I let it grow out. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I think that’s actually the problem. The cut I loved so much three years ago, I haven’t been able to duplicate. I always hit a certain length where it looks great, and I get a ton of compliments on it, but I can never get it quite there again. I have this horrible wave on one side in the back (courtesy of my mother – she has the exact same one), which makes my hair difficult. It has to either be cut above the wave, or below the wave, because right on the wave – badness.

So I think that’s really the basis of my dislike of having my haircut. The fact that I know I won’t like it in the end. Maybe I need a new hairstylist. But then there will be someone new working on my hair, and at least my stylist knows how my hair behaves.

Oh, and did I mention that I refuse to pay more than $35 for a cut?


One response to “Bad Hair

  1. I hate getting my hair cut too. It’s because I can’t stand sitting there doing nothing. Drives me crazy. I’m currently looking for a place that will give a decent cut for less than $20. Not sure it exists. On the other side, I paid $100 for two haircuts last year. And they were worth every single penny. The stylist was a master, who has done Giselle and Madonna’s hair. He cut it in 15 minutes, and all I had to do for style was wash, shake it out and literally point a dryer at my head for 3 minutes. I so wish I could still afford that luxury! He’s fabulous if you want to “go there”. 🙂