Woman Issues

The title gives you fair warning. This post may be a somewhat explicit description of a particular woman issue, one in which I have experience in, and you may not want to read it.

You have been warned.

I won’t go in depth on what a colposcopy is, but if you want to learn the more technical information: Wikipedia.

As most people know, women (should) have annual pap smears. The reason is to detect abnormal cell growth that may lead to cervical cancer. As with any cancer, the earlier you detect it, the easier it is to treat.

Well, when you have an abnormal pap smear, the doctor may do one of several things, including a colposcopy (or colpo). During a colposcopy, the doctor will examine the cervix with a microscope and take a piece of the cervix for biopsy purposes.

That doesn’t quite cover it, though.

My last pap smear came back abnormal, and I had to start doing quarterly colpos. The first one wasn’t so fun, but it wasn’t quite as bad as when I had my IUD put in. I had some cramping, and had that “hot/cold” thing going for several hours. My second one actually wasn’t bad at all, and (bonus!) when it came back they said they would wait 6 months to do another, instead of 3 months.

Today was my third colpo. I went in, I get on the chair (or, as my Doctor calls it, the Carowinds ride), and we begin.

And (tug, trying to cut a piece of my cervix off) my doctor (tug) can’t (tug) quite (tug) get a hold (tug) of a good (tug) piece (tug).

Mother of God! I was in tears by the end of it. There’s a reason I don’t go back to work after these things – all I want to do is curl up in a little ball. The drive home is fun enough, with the cramps, and I think I actually went into a little bit of shock this time around.

So here I sit, curled into a ball, wishing the cramps away. I call this doctor’s visit, “Yes, please cut a piece of my cervix off, Thank You!”

3 responses to “Woman Issues

  1. yikes yikes yikes. hope you’re feeling better!!!

  2. I’m sorry! I know how bad colpos hurt. My first one was aweful. It felt like the doctor had a hole punch that he was using to punch out three holes from my cervix. I couldn’t believe how bad it hurt. I couldn’t even sit for about 3 hours. The ride home was not fun.

    The second one wasn’t nearly as bad, but with that one I had to have the LEEP done after it. Have you had this? My understanding is you can have a LEEP done without having to keep going back for repeat colpos so much. The LEEP basically takes out all of the “suspect” tissue.

    I hope you are feeling much better!

  3. delightfuleccentric

    JB – Nope, no LEEP yet. The test keeps coming back slightly abnormal – not enough for them to really think it’s anything, but enough to make them think it could be something. My doctor mentioned that some people with IUD’s (which I have) have this problem – I guess maybe because the strings of the IUD dangle out from the cervix, and they can irritate it. So, that’s probably all it is, but they have to err on the side of caution.