Tahoe, Part 2

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We were supposed to leave Thursday night, on a direct flight from CLT to Sacramento, arriving at 11:30 Thursday night. We were going to stay the night in Sacramento and drive in to Tahoe Friday morning. The Pilot worked all day Thursday and got caught in some storms. “It’s okay,” he said. “We’ll take a flight to Reno in the morning.”

Now, I was slightly panicked, based on my aforementioned OCPD tendencies. But I had faith that everything would work out.

Our flight Friday left at 7:30am, connecting through PHX, arriving in Reno at 11:30 am. Perfect, I thought. We could have a leisurely lunch, enjoy our drive into Tahoe, check into the hotel with enough time to shower, and make the boat in plenty of time.

The flight took off on time, and we were on our way. My ears were popping weird, and I was hoping I wouldn’t have a problem the whole flight – that would suck. But, no.

“We’re having a problem with the cabin pressure, we need to turn around and go back to Charlotte.” So, an hour after takeoff, we landed back in CLT. Since our connection through PHX was just over an hour, we’ve now missed our connection. We might be able to get another one, though, so I’m not worried yet.

Except, instead of switching planes in Charlotte, as I expected, the flight was cancelled. The Pilot says we still have one chance, and if it doesn’t pan out, we’re screwed. We hightail it over to the San Francisco gate, which was boarding in about half an hour, and he sweet talks us onto the flight. It was due to arrive in SF at 11:30am, and the 200 mile drive should take us about 3 ½ hours, so we should still be good. Cross your fingers.

The flight was uneventful, but arrived a little late due to us being 15th in line for takeoff, and a “strong, unexpected headwind.” We got in just before 1, and booked it to the car rental. The Pilot throws his crew badge to me and asks me to take care of the rental car, he had a phone call to make. I get the car, no problem…but now can’t find him!

Finally, he walks out. And says he has to go back to Charlotte.


“My uncle died.”

Well, shit.

Stay tuned for Part 3

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