Vacation Planning

I am a planner. A slightly OCPD-all-your-ducks-in-a-row-as-early-as-possible-before-the-event type of girl. That’s just who I am.

So I’ve surprised myself quite a bit lately with an upcoming trip.

My friends are getting married in Tahoe this weekend. I really wanted to go, but I couldn’t afford to go by myself. I asked The Pilot if he could go, and he asked for time off – which means I didn’t know I was going until two weeks ago. I immediately started researching hotels and rental cars, but then realized The Pilot gets a discount on these things, so I left it up to him. So, really, I’ve had nothing to plan.

Last week, I asked The Pilot if he had looked into hotels. “I’m a last minute kind of person,” he responded. But, it is last minute, I said. It’s a week away. “I mean, last minute as in next Thursday.” The day we are supposed to fly out. “Trust me,” he said. I said I do trust him.

So now, here we are, three days before we are supposed to leave, and we don’t have flight reservations, hotel reservations, or car rental reservations.

And I’m surprisingly undisturbed by this. Completely unruffled.

Now, ask me again on Wednesday….



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