We survived.

As much as I love mefi and tell everyone how fabulous it it, I’ve been rather remiss lately in not checking it myself.  So today, I typed in the url and took a gander at what they had to offer.  In the process, I found this lovely gem.

Count me firmly in the “Kids today don’t know how bad they’ve got it” category.  Seriously, I would have hated having to be a kid today.  Bike helmets?  I didn’t even wear shoes half the time.  Child seats in the back seat until they’re six?  Ha – I’m surprised I don’t have a scar on my head from where I hit the dashboard while sitting on someone’s lap in the front seat – without a seatbelt.

I’m with Vikki Smith (quoted in the article) – that which does not kill us makes us stronger.  That includes harmful chemicals, germs, bacteria, broken bones, scrapes…  I don’t like the overuse of antibacterial products, because I think that’s part of the problem.  Immunizations work because they give you a small dose of the bad stuff to make you immune – the same applies to germs. 

I also love what Chris Sully (again, quoted in the article)  had to say:  “We survived those years because we were allowed to live.  Too much effort is spent protecting us from ourselves these days that we don’t just go out and live.”

Mefi linked to another article – the “Survival Tales.”  “I played outside in the dark.”  “The slats on our cribs were too wide; our Fisher Price ‘Little People’ were clearly choking hazards…”  “I think all these rules, all this fear and propaganda, is taking a toll on American independence and creativity.  Being prudent is one thing; living in fear is something else altogether.”  Check out more of the reader comments – they’re great!

There’s a country song that sums it up quite well:  “A Different World” by Bucky Covington.  “We were born to mothers who smoke and drank – Our cribs were covered in lead-based paint – No childproof lids – No seatbelts in cars – Rode bikes with no helmets – and still here we are.”  But he’s right – it was a different world than the one we live in today.  So what happened? 

While I do think that some of the safety measures and precaution is a good (and necessary) thing, I also think people have gone way overboard, and kids have no idea what it’s like to really be a kid.  I feel so sorry for them, and I swear, should I ever have kids, I hope that I give them a little sense of what I had growing up.

Of course, they’ll probably take my kids away from me and charge me with child endangerment/neglect…


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  1. I definitely think we’ve gone overboard in many departments. I do think that some of the new safety standards are needed though – car seats/seat belts, helmets, no lead-based paint, etc. I think it’s sad though that in most neighborhoods you don’t see kids playing in the streets much. I would explore the creek and woods around my house all day long. Now kids are forced into organized sports and activities to keep them safe from pedophiles. I think it’s silly and a bit sad that they don’t have the unstructured free time that we did. When I have kids, I fully intend to tell them to go play outside and get out of my hair. 🙂