The Last Word

Last night, I watched the movie The Last Word on Netflix streaming.  It stars Wes Bentley, Winona Ryder, and Ray Romano.  “Reclusive writer Evan has created for himself a unique job:  writing suicide notes for people who are about to kill themselves.  When he unexpectedly falls for Charlotte, the sister of one of his recent clients, his whole way of life is upended.  Although Evan has a knack for the work he does, he’s understandably nervous to have others learn about his secret job – especially his new girlfriend.”

Sounds kind of morbid, doesn’t it?  When it first started, I wondered if Evan actually was a kind of personal suicide hotline – it may be, because he estimates that about 30% of his clients actually off themselves.  He has people keep a kind of diary, jotting down their thoughts, so he can write a suicide note that actually expresses who they are.  Surely, in the course of writing down their thoughts, some people must realize that things aren’t that bad, and decide against killing themselves.  He’s quite the poet – one of his clients actually won an award for his work – posthumously, of course. 

You can tell Evan is a very lonely person, doesn’t get out much, doesn’t have friends.  As he says, “I’m not particularly funky.”  But Charlotte pulls him into the world, and he begins to question his work.

The movie was pretty okay.  Not fabulous – although I thought the ending was particularly great.  Something a lot of people can relate to.  So, check it out, if you’re so inclined.

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