I’ve been busy busy busy since last Wednesday, and I had Thursday and Friday off work.

I left work Wednesday, ran home to pack an overnight bag, then headed up to my friend’s house for dinner and to make some margaritas for the weekend.  Then left there and headed over to The Pilot’s house. 

Got up Thursday morning, helped The Pilot out around the house, then we went out to his hangar to go flying.  Unfortunately, a dead battery prevented us from getting up off the ground, so we went to see a movie instead.  After the movie we went and had some drinks and played trivia, then headed back to his place. 

Friday we got up, did a few more things around his house, went and had lunch, then it was time for him to get ready to leave again.  It was a great couple of days, spending time with him, and I was glad I got to help him get caught up a little bit. 

I left his house, drove back to mine, unpacked my bag and then repacked it with things for the weekend, and an hour later I was headed up to the lake for the big Girl’s Weekend.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much fun and sun as the other girls, because I ended up working a trade show from 10-3 on Saturday.  A very hot, sweaty, unproductive trade show.  But, I did get to take a big (and free) flower arrangement home from the show, courtesy of The Rose Petal.  They were going to be getting rid of it, and I mentioned the Girl’s Weekend, so they let me take it home.  Awfully nice of them, don’t you think?

Just got back to my place, still need to shower, but I wanted to check my email first.  Plus, I thought I’d get a blog post in. 

Hope everyone else had a good weekend!  And, I must say, I LOVE having days off during the week!! 🙂  And I really love 4 day weekends!!


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