Joining in the Reindeer Games

I went to a cookout over the weekend with some friends.  They brought their husbands, and the other non-married girl in the group brought her spanking new boyfriend.  She was introducing him around, and he was talking to everyone, and everyone loved him.

And it made me very sad, because I very rarely get to take The Pilot to group events like this and introduce him around.

Let me be clear – I wasn’t sad because I didn’t get the experience.  It made me sad because he doesn’t get the experience, and they (my friends) don’t get the experience.   Because The Pilot is an awesome human being, and my friends would love him.  But, while he has met some of my friends, most of them he’s only met once, and they haven’t really gotten to know him.

He doesn’t get to “play” like “normal” Americans do, since almost everything is done on the weekends.  He doesn’t get to go to the picnics, the pool parties, the movie nights, the dinners.  And it makes me very sad that he doesn’t get to do these things.  To me, it seems very isolating.  When he is home, especially these days, he doesn’t have enough time for everything.  He has so much to do, and tries to fit so many things in, and he wears himself out.  And I know it’s hard on him.  I try to be understanding, and I think I succeed most of the time.  I just wish I could make things easier for him.  I wish I could take some of the exhaustion from him, make everything better.


One response to “Joining in the Reindeer Games

  1. aww, that is sad. i met the pilot once and he was very friendly…but you’re right – hard to get to know a person when they are always working when everyone else gets to play.