The Turkey Baster Story

Since I regaled my co-workers (and boss, by accident) with this story last week, I thought I’d share.

I changed up my no ‘poo regimen again. I started adding more water to the baking soda, making it less a paste and very much a liquid, and I will say I like it better. Except trying to pour that liquid-y of a substance on your hair in the shower and get enough in your hair to make a difference but not get it in your eyes or waste it is quite…difficult. I’ve been using a little glass dish I have, about 3 inches tall and 2 ½” in diameter, and it hasn’t been easy.

I was trying to come up with an alternative, and I thought about those picnic ketchup and mustard bottles. I wanted something that was squeezable, with a small opening at the top, but when you took the top off, had a large enough opening to put the baking soda in without resorting to a funnel. Remember, I’m doing this in the morning while in the shower, so time and efficiency is of the essence. And, really, how many kitchen supplies should a girl have in her shower? Anyway, I thought a ketchup bottle would be great, except that it’s much bigger than I wanted – I wanted something about half the size. I wandered around Target one day, looking for a suitable substitute, but really couldn’t find much. I thought of using the travel size bottles they sell, but that wasn’t going to be quite big enough. I kept looking at sippy cups, but couldn’t find one that was squeezable. I thought about using a sport water bottle, but the top of that is so small that I would need to use a funnel, so I ruled that out.

Really, I thought, I could continue to use the little cup I already have in the shower, and use a turkey baster with it.

But, then I would have a turkey baster in my shower. And that just seems wrong. Not to mention what other people would think when they saw it! No, no, that was going to be a last resort.

I finally found something similar to the ketchup bottle I had in mind – a little smaller, clear plastic – I think it’s often used for olive oil. So I tried it out over the weekend, and I think it worked out really well, actually. And I’m glad, because now I don’t have to resort to the turkey baster. (I just keep imagining The Pilot’s reaction to pulling back the shower curtain and finding a turkey baster on the edge of the tub. I see him picking it up, looking at it, turning it over, and then giving me this knowing smile, like “uh, huh…I wonder what you’re doing with this – wink, nudge.” And me trying to explain that, no, no it’s for my hair, really….)

Because the more you explain, the guiltier you look.


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