To’poo or not to ‘poo

A while back, I tried the “no shampoo” movement.  And quickly gave it up

But, I kept reading more and more about the no ‘poo movement, and decided to try it again.  This time, I washed with a baking soda paste, and conditioned as usual.  My hair has been clean, and I’m able to go two days without a wash.  I’ve done a third day, but it’s not great. 

I use a little over a tablespoon of baking soda, and mix in enough water (which isn’t much) to make a paste that isn’t dry, but isn’t so watery that I can’t hold it in my hand.  The problem I ran into with this, however, is that it’s really hard to work it through my hair.  My fingers didn’t easily glide through, as they did with shampoo.  So, improvising, I added just a smidge of conditioner to the paste, which helped my fingers work across my scalp, and I conditioned as usual.  It worked out pretty well.  Some days, I would add more conditioner and use it as a 2-in-1.  And every once in a while, I would “shampoo” with conditioner, as I did the last time I tried the experiment, but I add some baking soda to it, so there’s some “scrub.”

My hair looks fine, but I really don’t think it looks any different than it did when I used shampoo, and I haven’t noticed it handles any differently, except that I can now get a second day out of it, if I want to.

However, I seem to be loosing A LOT more hair in the shower.  Because, even with the conditioner added in, I’m still working through clumps of tangled wet hair with my fingers, and I’m pulling out a ton of hair.   

I’ve been wondering if it’s worth it.  I’m not doing this to help save the planet, or to be cheap – I’m doing it because it’s supposed to be better for your hair.  And, actually, as one blogger pointed out, it’s not that much greater for the planet, because you’re going through a lot more water, because it takes more time.  So, I’m at the point where I’m wondering if I want to continue or not.  It’s certainly easier and quicker to just squirt shampoo in my hand than to mix up the paste. 

I’ve been reading up on the no ‘poo movement, trying to figure out if I’m doing it right or wrong.  One person mixes 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup water, put it on her head, and scrubs.  I tried this – all it is, to me, is water!  So I went back to the paste.  Another person suggested salt instead of baking soda.  I tried that this morning, and my hair feel…weird.  It doesn’t feel clean, even though it looks clean.  I haven’t done the apple cider vinegar rinse, and maybe that would make all the difference in the world – but somehow I don’t think so.

Everyone’s hair is different, and different things will work better for different people.  So maybe I should just shampoo.  I had no problem with my hair when I shampoo’d.  It was healthy, shiny, clean…my only complaint was that, even if I washed it at night, I would still have to wash it in the morning, or else it looked greasy halfway through the day.  And I know washing your hair twice a day isn’t great – not to mention, it takes up so much time!

The thing is, looking into this, everyone seems to love no ‘poo.  Which really makes me think I’m doing something wrong!  My hair just doesn’t seem any different. 

So, should I keep trying, or should I just give in?  Anyone have any insight on this issue? 



3 responses to “To’poo or not to ‘poo

  1. I’ve had friends that swear by the apple cider vinegar rinse instead of shampoo. I haven’t tried it but I might the next time I run out of regular shampoo.

  2. madame queen

    Of course “everyone one loves it”. The only people that are posting to the “no-poo” site are those that are completely sold on it! 🙂

    Sounds like extreme bother to me. And certainly no time-saver. And not better for your hair either from the sound of it.

    Maybe find a gentler, moisturizing shampoo that’s semi-earth friendly, and go easy on the scalp with it. Could be as simple as that– less harshness = less stimulating the scalp to over produce stuff.

    You gave it more than a college try– and at least now you know!

    • delightfuleccentric

      I thought there might be some comments about, “okay, I don’t get it, what am I doing wrong…” But, nothing! I’m switchiing things up a bit, and I’ll see if I change my mind.