Blue Tuesday

I’m having a hard time today.  I’ve barely managed to keep my temper in check, and while my “happy pills” took the edge off, I’m still a tightly wound little angerball.  I’m also very sad right now, and very lonely.  There’s really no explanation, other than the fact that I’m probably PMSing. 

I’m working really hard on Just Breathing.  And pulling myself up by the bootstraps (or however the expression goes) and Just Being Happier.

Because that’s so easy to do. 




One response to “Blue Tuesday

  1. madame queen

    Calcium. I get bitchy when I don’t get enough calcium. If you see me with a wee carton of milk at work, it’s usually pre-emptive. If you see me double-fisting it with TWO cartons, keep a wide berth.