Is that Ron Jeremy?

(Can’t wait to see the search results I get on this one…)

So, the other day I’m working from home, and (since I don’t have cable) my TV choices were Martha Stewart or Nash Bridges.  I went with Nash Bridges.  I was only half paying attention to the show, it was noise in the background, and I happened to look up at one point and narrowed my eyes.  “Is that Ron Jeremy?”

IMDB is a fabulous tool.  Figuring I would have better luck finding information using the name, rather than the TV show, I typed in Ron Jeremy.  Sure enough, he was in an episode of Nash Bridges in 2000. 

Here’s the thing – this is not the first time this happened.  Back when I was dating Scottsdale, I sat him down to watch one of my favorite movies, Boondock Saints.  We’re having a good-ole time, watching the movie, when suddenly my brow knit.  “Is that Ron Jeremy?”  That was followed by a brief, uncomfortable silence on his part, followed by, “Um, I think so…”  I looked it up, and sure enough, it was!  And then I realized that on roughly our fourth date, we had both admitted we knew who Ron Jeremy was.  Aw-kward….

But here’s the thing – I’ve never seen any of his adult movies.  Honest truth (you know I would tell you if I had).  So I’m really not sure how I recognize him, I just do.  It may be because I know a guy who looks like him.  So much so that my acquaintance walked up to Ron in a club and Ron was taken aback, and has been quoted as saying, “Holy shit, so you’re the father of those kids.”

Actually, I heard an interview with him once, and I believe he said he’s been in over 80 feature films (that’s non-adultfilms) – although, I can’t make it through his film list on IMDB without blushing.


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