The Toilet Paper Roll

Growing up, I hated changing out the toilet paper roll.  I would place a new roll on the counter, or on the back of the toilet, and leave the empty roll on the holder.  For as long as possible.  Until my mother yelled at me for the umpteenth time to change the roll.  Even as a young adult, I had problems changing the roll – I usually did it every other roll.

When I bought my condo, it didn’t have a toilet paper holder (I think the lady before me had a free-standing holder that she took with her).  So (I think it was actually the very first “home improvement” thing I did), I went out and bought a toilet paper roll holder.  A hook, one that doesn’t have a spring, that all you do is slip the old one off and slip the new one on.  And ever since then, I make my mom proud by changing out the empty toilet paper roll immediately.

One day last week, I was at The Pilot’s house, and I went to the bathroom.  And there, sitting on the counter, was a half empty roll of toilet paper, and on the holder – an empty roll.  I sighed as I changed the roll out – Men! 

And then I sighed again, and wondered at what point I had become my mother.


One response to “The Toilet Paper Roll

  1. Naw, you’re not your mother! If you still had a springy-dingy TP holder, you’d still be perching the new roll on the back of the toilet too. Me too, for that matter. Upgrade his hardware in the potty. Either the slide on like yours, or the swing arm (hello phallus?) like ours. I betcha a roll of TP it’s the springy-dingy that’s the problem!