Feet aren’t supposed to cry!

It’s been 14 months since I hurt my knee.  The MRI showed no damage.  Six weeks of physical therapy didn’t help. Rest hasn’t helped.  I know the problem lies with the tendon on the lower outside part of my knee, so I’ve been wearing a band below my knee when I walk.  I can do about 2.5 miles without a problem, but then it starts getting weak, loose, and painful.  Running is quite obviously out.  Walking without the band is not good.

After doing some research online, I began to wonder if maybe the problem was with my toe.  The “ring finger” toe on my right foot curls under the middle toe, and I thought maybe I had broken it at one point in time, and it didn’t heal properly.  It doesn’t hurt, but seems to have less strength in that area than on the other foot.  I decided to see a podiatrist and see what his thoughts were.

I told the podiatrist why I was in (knee pain, wondering if the toe is the problem), and he took a look.  He said it was really nothing (I won’t go into the boring details) and had nothing to do with the knee pain. 

And I broke down in tears.  Even I didn’t know how frustrated I’ve been with this whole thing.  I have a problem, it’s had a huge impact on my life, I can’t do activities I normally would have done, and no one can solve the problem or even tell me what’s wrong.  It’s really, really frustrating. 

I tried to control my tears, and apologized to the podiatrist.  “I’m sorry, it’s just that I’ve been to the doctor, I’ve had an MRI, I’ve had 6 weeks of physical therapy, and nothing has helped.  I just really hoped that this would be a solution.”  I could tell my tears were not something he expected, and he didn’t quite know how to react.  “The body is really good at healing itself, and if you just give it time…”  “It’s been over a year,” I said.

That got a reaction out of him.  “How long?”  He asked about the MRI, verifying that they had found nothing wrong.  He had me stand up, and looked at my legs.

My right thigh rotates inward.  My left leg is straight, but the right thigh kind of “points” to my left knee, but my right calf is straight.  When I roll my foot out, to the right, the thigh straightens.  So, he thinks maybe some Orthotics (custom shoe inserts) will help correct the alignment of my leg.  Which will take the pressure off the joint.  Which will stop the pain.

So…through tears, hope. 

I just hope it works.

(I felt so bad for crying in there.  I walked out just shaking my head – I couldn’t believe I broke down like that!  But, like I said, it’s been more frustrating than even I was aware of.)


2 responses to “Feet aren’t supposed to cry!

  1. I hope it works.

  2. You know, the more I think about it, I’m glad you cried. If you hadn’t, THAT doctor was ready to shuffle you out the door with no answer. He wasn’t going to give you a second thought. And then because you cried, he put 3 more tiny minutes of thought into it and came up with might be THE cause and solution. Doctors are too focused on herding everyone in and out as quickly as possible! Hurmph!