I think my body is revolting

Not revolting as in “ew, gross,” – although, it’s heading that way.  Revolting as in my body is The Colonies to my British rule.

(Warning – this may go into TMI territory – you’ve been warned.)

I have been on Mirena for three and a half years.  I love it – I can’t say enough about how great it is.  The first year I was on it, I barely had a period – I had maybe 3 very light periods.  After the first year, I got a regular cycle.  Every 28 days, on the dot.  It lasted about 3 days, and was incredibly light.

Then, about 5 months ago, my cycle became wonky.  It’s irregular.  I never know when it will start.  Over that time I’ve also gained entirely too much weight.  (And, dear friends, if you say any of those god-awful platitudes, I swear I will strip down naked and prove it to you.) 

Of course, last October my pap smear didn’t go well, and I’ve been having to go back every three months for a biopsy on the cells.  They haven’t found cervical cancer, and this last time they actually think my body is trying to heal itself.  But I wonder if that has anything to do with the irregular cycle and the weight gain.

Or maybe it’s a thyroid issue.  But I hate blaming my weight on something like that, and I hate taking medication for anything.  I don’t really believe in taking medication to fix a problem, because I think it should be solved the same way it happened – naturally.  (Says the girl who pops excedrin at the first sign of a headache.)  I’m not holistic or anything like that by any means – quite the opposite, in fact.  I just think that Americans are over-medicated, and I don’t want to be a part of it. 

So I’m going to keep track of everything I eat and every exercise I do for a couple of weeks, via www.fitday.com.  And then, if things haven’t improved on the weight issue, I’m going to the doctor.


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