Busy Bee

A friend and I were exchanging emails today, and I mentioned that I had been pretty busy lately, and especially this week.  She said, “You’re always busy.  It’s one of the things I really admire about you:  you stay active mentally and physically.”  And it took be by surprise, even though it’s not the first time someone has said that I’m a busy person.  I seem to remember a Facebook update in which I wondered how much more I could get done each day if I had insomnia, to which one of my friend’s responded, “How much more do you need to get done?!  You’re the busiest person I know.”

What’s funny is, I don’t see myself that way.  I actually see myself as being a very lazy person, and I am constantly telling myself that I should get out and do more, meet more people.  I spend plenty of time sitting around on the couch, watching TV – I spend many a weekend (in the colder months) in my pj’s, not leaving my house from 5pm Friday to 8am Monday.

When I got my friend’s email today, I kind of giggled, and turned to a co-worker. “People always think I’m so busy, but I’m not.”  She looked at me like I was crazy.  “Are you kidding?!  You’re the busiest person I know!”  But not really, I replied, I spend a lot of time on the couch being lazy.  “But you do a lot of things.  You’ve got the book club, and the cooking club, and the dinner club, and the networking groups, and you have the side businesses…”

Hmm.  Well, when you put it that way, I guess I am pretty busy.  But most of my “clubs” only meet once a month, so those other days, I’m not really busy.  And when I’ve been on the couch every night for four days, I start to think, “God, I’m lazy, I need to be doing something.”  And then I’ll go look for something to do.  And I’m always trying to get other people to do things with me – with mixed results. 

So, let’s take a look at my calendar for March and April, shall we?  At least, what I actually have written down (does not include random dates with The Pilot – I tend to only write those down when I’m having a busy week, like this week is)…

  • March 1-6 – nada
  • March 7 – Kayaking
  • March 8-10 – nothing
  • March 11 – Dinner Club
  • March 12-20 – nothing
  • March 21 – Cooking Club
  • March 22-23 nothing
  • March 24 – Post Secret Event
  • March 25 – Bookclub
  • March 26-27 – Nothing
  • March 28 – set trail for running club
  • March 29-30 – nothing
  • March 31 – HOA meeting
  • April 1-3 – nothing
  • April 4-6 – out of town
  • April 7 – nothing
  • April 8 – dinner club
  • April 9-13 – nothing (painted over the weekend)
  • April 13 – Dinner and Flying Saucer with The Pilot and friend
  • April 14 – meet with tax accountant
  • April 15 – baseball game, glass nite at The Saucer
  • April 16 – out on the boat
  • April 17-19 – nothing (painted)
  • April 20 – Networking event
  • April 21 – Meet with friend to discuss business
  • April 22 – Dinner with The Pilot
  • April 23 – Networking event
  • April 24 – nothing
  • April 25 – Volunteer for ALS walk, Friend’s wedding
  • April 26 – meet with potential client
  • April 27 – nothing
  • April 28 – food and wine tasting
  • April 29 – book club
  • April 30 – nothing

 So, am I busy, or not?  Or (and I don’t intend for this to sound offensive, just trying to be funny) are my friends just lazy couch potatoes?  🙂  I mean, more than half the time I was sitting at home, watching TV, although I did also volunteer to go through some scholarship applications over the last couple of weeks, and of course I tried to work on my side businesses. 

I think the biggest thing is that I’m not married, and I don’t have kids.  With The Pilot being out of town so much, I have a lot of time to myself.  I occasionally have a week like this week, which is going to make me want to collapse on the couch and veg for a day or two, but most of my weeks are not overly busy.  So I try to stay active.


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