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My default search engine is google.  Has been for years.  I have a friend who is all about MS, and has tried selling me on Live Search is better.  But I’ve never had much luck at finding what I need on Live Search, whereas with google, I can always find what I need, usually on the first page.  I tried cuil when it came out – and didn’t like it.  I use every once in a while.  And I remember when yahoo and dogpile and lycos were The Shit.  But google has a special place in my heart.

As an experiment, I decided to use several search engines to find my blog.  My dashboard shows that I get several hits off the search term “delightful eccentric,” so I was curious as to what search engines they might be using.  Ironically, I had to google “search engines” to find additional ones (and even more ironically, dogpile is at the top of the page, whereas google is actually the 10th down), and here are my results:


5 responses to “Search Engines

  1. By doing this post, you’ve now exponentially increased your chances of a search engine hit. Sneaky sneaky 🙂

  2. delightfuleccentric

    Really? I hadn’t thought of that. I mean…yeah, yeah, that was my plan all along…

  3. LOL. To be clear, if folks prefer google, rock on & go with it. Really. USE whichever engine you want, just say “search” for it. 🙂 My bet, is it’s my damned grammar police gene kicking in for more of a language peeve than anything else. (I get huffy and protect the Mac heads too about everyone assuming PC too, so there’s the flip side.)

    Actually, the business aspect of trademark protection is fascinating. (Hmm.. which actually is working against google in the long run, but that’s a story for another day. Anyone remember the Escalator company? Yup, that was a trademarked name that they neglected to protect, ergo now it’s a generic term. That’s why Band-Aid got all high & mighty in the late 80’s.) But I digress.

    My own personal search disclaimers: I use multiple engines, depending on what I want to accomplish: hits ’em all in one fell swoop.

    My own personal music player disclaimers: AND, I have owned 4 iPods (3 still in possession), contrasted to only 2 Zunes, plus 2 Rio mp3 players (both of which are gone). I like features of both, as most folks would. Although 5 devices for 2 sets of ears is admittedly a little much– anyone want/need to buy a pre-loved 30GB Zune?

    Peace, love, & happy searching to all—

  4. helprescuedogs

    Too be honest – I’m a bigger fan of Dogpile than Google. They support charitable causes and work with all independent search providers to give a good mix of results.

    People are too lazy when it comes to search and want it all to be laid out for them in one engine. Problem is, Google, MSN and Yahoo all pick what shows up where.

    Research is meant to be RESEARCH – so look around for solid results.

    BTW – just launched a new site called – and their donating a portion of there revenue to Petfinder and the ASPCA.

    Great that theres a way we can help dog adoption programs at no cost.

    • delightfuleccentric

      Well, as long as we’re going that route, there’s goodsearch, powered by yahoo, in which you can choose the charity the money goes to. I always forget that one. But here’s the thing – yes, google searches are “lazy,” but I’m not doing research for school papers. Most of the time, I’m simply looking for a quick answer to a random thought.