Can’t I just take the simulator?

The Pilot is in training this month, getting ready for his “transfer” to Philly.  For a lot of Pilot’s wives and girlfriends, training is really tough, because their pilot’s are gone for a month straight, rather than coming home every few days.  But since training is based here in Charlotte, I don’t really have that problem.  In fact, I’ve seen The Pilot more this week than I have in the previous month, I think! 

This morning I logged onto the Charlotte Observer online, and found they had done a story on the training simulator.  I thought I’d share:  Be sure to also check out the slideshow.

In other flying news…

I used to love to fly.  I loved traveling, getting on a plane, watching the world slide by underneath me through the window.  But over the last few years, I’ve really hated flying, and I couldn’t figure out why.  I blamed it on the airports, and the other people flying.  The long security line, the cramped space, the layovers, the overweight guy next to me crowding into my space.  Living out of a suitcase, not having the comforts of home, having my time not be MY time.  My patience level was tested (and failed) each time I’ve flown over the last few years.  And I determined, it’s not flying I don’t like, it’s the hassle of the airports.

But today it occurred to me that perhaps it’s not even that.  Perhaps it’s just that every time I fly, I’m going to the same dull place.  Yes, I’m going home to see my family, but Little Rock is a small city, with nothing to do.  It seems that my entire time there is spent eating, going to the grocery store (my mother can spend 3 hours in a grocery store) or waiting around trying to go somewhere.  “What do you want to do?” my mother asks.  What is there to do?  Nothing!  The Clinton Library – done that.  Hiking, sure.  Shopping – I can’t afford to shop.  Movie?  I can do that at home.  I don’t have many friends there I need to see. 

I feel bad saying that, because Little Rock really is a great place.  I highly recommend going there if you haven’t gone.  It’s just…I’ve seen it all.  I’m bored.  I’m sure if I was going someplace fun, on a fun vacation, someplace I haven’t been before, I would love traveling again.  But until then, I hate it.

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