US National Whitewater Center

As some locals might know, the US National Whitewater Center has been having financial difficulties of late.  I personally think it’s because their prices are so high – $65 per person for a two hour rafting trip was just not something I was willing to pay – and forget taking a family of four (not that I have one).  However, they seem to have realized the error of their ways, and they now have an amazing deal:  Daily and Yearly All Access passes. 

The All Access Pass includes Family Rafting, Adventure Rafting, Rodeo Rafting, Climbing, Climb 2 Zip, Mountain Biking, Flatwater Kayaking, Eco Caching, and Mega Zipline – you can do any and all of those, as often as you want.  The day pass is $49 for adults, $29 for children (plus $5 parking).  Steal of a deal, right?  But wait, it gets better! 

The Annual Pass (good through Dec 31) is only $139 for adults, and $109 for children (plus $40 annual parking pass) – and you can go anytime you want!  So, say you go 10 times, and each time you go rafting, climbing, and ride the zipline.  Previously, that would have cost you roughly $100 each time you went, times 10 to equal $1000!  Now, you can get the same thing for $139!  

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One response to “US National Whitewater Center

  1. That is a great deal and an excellent idea for other rafting outfits… hmm… Thanks for posting.

    -Will Volpert