My boyfriend went to Scotland, and all I got was…

So, The Pilot went to Scotland last weekend for a pleasure trip.  I was slightly miffed, but he has been wanting to go, and it was a good deal, so, whatever.  Fine.  I’m over it.  Mostly.  I told him that I wanted a good gift from Scotland, to make up for it.  “What do you want?” he asked.  “Something that makes you think of me,” I said.  “Not a shotglass!” I qualified, since so many people tend to bring shotglasses back from vacation.

So last night he comes over, and he hands me my “gift.” 

A chocolate bar, and a little bag from the first class cabin.  I start digging though the bag.  Something falls out, and I pick it up.  “Do you know what that is?” he asks.  “A travel toothbrush and toothpaste.”  He has (what I thought was) this expectant look on his face, so I’m wondering if maybe there’s more to the bag than just the “swag.”  I pull out an eyemask, some hand lotion, lip balm, earplugs, and, “Oh, socks.”  “They’re booties!” he says. 

I look at him and say, “So, my boyfriend went to Scotland, and all I got was this chocolate bar?” 

“It’s really good chocolate.”

Oy.  Boys can be so stupid.

I’m thinking it’s more like, “My boyfriend went to Scotland, and he forgot to get me something until he got to the airport.”

It’s not that I was expecting much, but something that reflects the actual locale is usually the vacation memento you bring back for people, right?  Even if it’s just a trinket like a keychain or a magnet…that they sell in the airport.

(I hope it comes across that I really do find this more humorous than anything else.  Boys really can be incredibly dumb sometimes.  But you’ve got to love ’em.)


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