Religious Jewelry

Even though I don’t consider myself a religious person, I love religion-based jewelry.  You have your rosary beads, of course, but here are some others I like:

Tibetan Prayer Wheel Necklace;   Bhagavad Gita Verse Necklace;   “Fearless” Sterling Sanskrit Necklace;   Sterling Om Barrel Necklace;   Sterling Kabbalah Amulet Necklace;   Israeli Sterling Mezuzah Necklace;    I Love You Cartouche Necklace;   Silver & Garnet Prayer Wheel Necklace

Of course, I’ve been dying for some proper japa mala beads, here, here, here, here.  (The third one is my favorite, I think.)

My other dream has been something along the lines of the cartouche or the Bhagavad Gita necklace above – Something meaningful in an ancient language, on a long sterling pendant. 

I think it has something to do with the hope that with something like one of these, I might find some calm, some inner peace, and stop my mind from running in circles.

Think it will work?

I actually have a necklace that I haven’t worn in a while, a water symbol, which is supposed to be calming.  I wore it today, and you know what?  I did have a better day today than the rest of the week.  Whether it’s because of the necklace or not, I don’t care, because it is one of my favorites.



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