I’m over this week

I am having the week from hell.  I mean, literally, from hell.  I swear, all aspects of my life are FUBAR right now.  Work is killing me.  I’m a bit irate with The Pilot.  I thought I was getting ahead in the money department, but then I got a bill for $500 I wasn’t expecting.  I’m PMSing, and I’ve been an angerball and an emotional wreck for at least the last four days (maybe longer, but I may not have noticed it over the weekend), and all I can hope for is that my period gets here soon so I’m not ready to kill people (and, to quote my mom, “Everybody else hopes it arrives soon, too.”).  I had lost a few pounds, and then haven’t been able to work out all week, because instead of walking at lunch, I’ve had to work through lunch, and instead of working out after work, I’ve had extra-curricular activities.  Seriously, right now I want nothing more than to win the lottery and not have to work, have the perfect love life, be skinny and in a good mood, forever and ever amen.  Really, is that asking too much????  Today at work I kept making stupid mistake after stupid mistake, and I lost count of the times I had to fight off tears of frustration.  At lunch I decided I wanted French fries and a frosty, but I didn’t end up getting the frosty, and then I couldn’t get into my honey mustard packet.  Seriously, did I mention week from hell?  I haven’t even gotten a beer out of the fridge, for fear the fridge will break when I touch it! 

Mantra for the evening:  Tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow will be better.  Tomorrow will be better.


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