I’m gonna wash that dirt right outta my hair!

Okay, so I’ve known for years that, really, you’re not supposed to wash your hair every day.  It’s damaging.  I know this.  I’ve tried going two days before, but about halfway through the second day I feel like a grease-pit.  And what about when I work out?  I try to work out every day, and not washing my hair after that is just….yick.

And then I heard this.  Okay, so my hair is oily on the second day because I’ve stripped the oil away and it’s now overcompensating.  Got it.  I could wash my hair in baking soda, but I absolutely refuse to use vinegar – I don’t want to smell like that. 

Then I read in the comments, someone mentioned conditioner washing your hair.  ” Buy a conditioner, not anything fancy, it can be a cheapie, and apply a liberal amount of it to your hair. Massage in for like 2-3 minutes working it into your scalp. Your massaging away dirt and debris instread of stripping it with a harsh detergent. Then rinse as you would with shampoo making sure to get it all out, and then just apply your regular conditioner to the ends (about half way down hair but not to the scalp). Unless you have scalp issues where you need to follow a strict shampooing regimen determined by your doctor, this will work to keep your hair smelling and looking good.”

Hmmmmm.  I think I’ll do a little experiment this weekend.  I already use conditioner to shave – might as well shampoo with it to!  I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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