Saturday Kayaking

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous! I got a chance to go kayaking with some friends on Saturday, which was great. I’ve done whitewater kayaking once, and it was fun, but I’ve always wanted to just spend a day paddling around a lake – relaxing, as opposed to the thrill that whitewater presents. So we went out to the Latta Plantation Nature Preserve and got a quick paddle stroke lesson, then took off on a tour of Mountain Island Lake. Now, as I expected, I want a flat-water kayak. I would love to just get up on a Sunday morning and take a relaxing kayak trip along the shoreline, maybe take lunch and stop somewhere to eat, swim, nap. I even went so far as to price used kayaks on craigslist. Holy Crap! $1500 used? Um, yeah, I guess I’ll have to put that little dream on hold.



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