The Amazing Race – Detour/Roadblock Options

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I love, love, love, love, love The Amazing Race.  I’ve always wanted to apply – it’s a little dream of mine.  I think my Mom and I would do really well, and I’ve wondered how The Pilot and I would do.  He thinks he would do well, because he knows so much about flight plans, etc.  But there’s a couple of flight attendants on this season, and they haven’t been doing too well, so I don’t think that would matter too much.

I’m loving this season, because for the most part, there are no teams that grate on my nerves (anymore).  The ones I didn’t like are gone, and now I don’t really dislike anyone.  And tonight they went to Romania, which is one of my dream places to go.

I’m working on convincing either my mom or The Pilot to apply with me.  I’ve got them both at least watching the show now, which is the first hurdle…

Anyway, when I watch each episode, I always pick which detour I would want to do, and who would do the roadblock.  Below are the ones I’ve picked for the last 3 episodes.  A detour is a choice between two options, and you are given a brief description of each option.  A roadblock “is a task that only one person can perform,” and each person can only do half of the total roadblocks in the season.  You have to make the decision based on the clue (and your surroundings), but you don’t know exactly what you will be doing.

Episode 1 –

  • Roadblock – Who has nerves of steel?  If I’m with my mom, Me.  If I’m with The Pilot – Him.  The person ended up having to bungee jump.
  • No detour on this leg.

Episode 2 –

  • Roadblock – Who’s ready to fly like an eagle?  Me.  The person ended up having to para-glide.
  • Detour – Balancing Dolly or Austrian Folly.  In Balancing Dolly, teams must ride a Segway along a two-mile obstacle course.  In Austrian Folly, teams throw pies at a target until they find a pie with a cherry filling.  Austrian Folly.  (The “target” ended up being the partner’s face.)

Episode 3-

  • Roadblock – Who’s ready to access their Inner Nadia? – Me.  The person had to do three gymnast moves – balance beam, parallel bars, and floor exercises.
  • Detour – Gypsy Moves or Vampire Remains.  Vampire ALL the way – pretty much before I even heard the details.  In Gypsy Moves, teams had to load all of a family’s belongings onto a horse-drawn cart, then unload it at the new encampment.  In Vampire Remains, teams had to drag a coffin to a clearing and unlock the coffin and impale a bunch of frames onto stakes. 

At current count, I’ve got 2 or 3 roadblocks under my belt, depending on who I’m with.  I need to start letting the other person do the roadblocks!  (Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a control freak?)


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