This pisses me off.

“Some of the 150 passengers whose lives were saved in the “miracle of the Hudson” last month are considering suing US Airways for the emotional distress they suffered.”

You want to sue someone?  Sue the government for protecting the Canadian Geese, allowing their numbers to swell.  Sue the geese themselves.  You people could have DIED.  You didn’t, thanks to a highly experienced flight crew.  What the hell did the airline do to cause the accident? 

I don’t see how the judge wouldn’t throw this straight out of court.  The flight crew got a commendation from Congress, for crying out loud! 



3 responses to “Litigation

  1. Amen sister! When I heard this I was terribly frustrated. Why must people always run straight to their attorneys to try to point blame for “acts of God?” US Airways was proactive in offering compensation of $5000 to each passengers within days of the accident.I hope the courts throw it out and tell people to get on their knees and thank God that they are alive!

  2. EXACTLY! As if their suing is going to do anything other than a)bankrupt the airline and b)put thousands more people out of work. But hey, at least they’ll have money to burn through.

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