In case you heard the news…

Yes, my company filed for Bankruptcy today.  Yes, I still have a job. 


I played a great practical joke on a couple of friends of mine.  He emailed me with a link to the news article, and the subject line read “Company files for bankruptcy!”

My thought – no kidding!  Then I decided to have some fun with it.

I hit reply, made it look like an automated response, and wrote “This email address is no longer monitored.  Please contact XXX.”

Then I took my phone out and waited for the phone call, laughing the whole time.  It took about 90 seconds before he called.  I immediately apologized (because, after all, it’s quite impossible to carry on a practical joke when you’re laughing) – I don’t think he found it too funny.  He emailed his wife, who was also on the email, to let her know it was a joke, so she wouldn’t freak out. 

I feel kind of bad for making them worry.  But it really was quite funny!  Hopefully it won’t come back to bite me in the butt!!


3 responses to “In case you heard the news…

  1. So glad that you’re still employed for the time being. I didn’t even hear about this until my drive home today. I fear I was living in a cave most of the day – no news stories, etc. Though, I had time to look for jobs. 🙂
    And I like your practical joke. Let’s hope the universe saw the humor. I once doctored ultrasounds of twins I found on the internet with my information and sent it out as an April Fools joke. I really hope the universe saw the humor in that one, too. I don’t want twins…

  2. So, what is the prognosis? How long are they saying you get to keep your job?

  3. delightfuleccentric

    “Business as usual.” Basically, they’ve said no layoffs, the office isn’t closing, and they “expect” to pay us on Friday. I love that last bit.

    Basically, no concerns about being out of a job anytime in the near future.