Dear Emily Post,

I already know the answer to this, but I want some opinions.

I have a “friend” that got married this past summer.  I don’t like taking gifts to the reception, because they already have so much to deal with, so I usually give them the gift the next time I see them.  Well, six months later, I still have the gift.  I have not seen my “friend,” and on top of that, I have many unreturned emails and phone calls.  I’m considering one of three options:  (1) ship the gift, even though she only lives a couple of miles from me; (2) drop the gift off on their front porch; or (3) screw them, obviously I’m not considered a friend anymore, so why the heck should they get a gift?

I know what I want to do – and I know what I should do.  I just haven’t decided which one is going to win.

I hate, absolutely hate, people who get married and/or have kids and suddenly have no time to even call or email old friends.  It drives me absolutely crazy.  It is possible to still have a life.


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