The Pilot and I talked a bit on the phone last night.  We still have some talking to do, but some interesting things came up.

He again apologized for not contacting me.  I wasn’t in the mood to go over the various other forms of communication, if they were available to him, and if he thought to use them.  He knows he messed up.  The next time he and I talk, it will be brought up one final time, but at this point it can’t be fixed.  The phrase “beating a dead horse” comes to mind.  The only thing that can be changed is his future ability to communicate.

He also admitted that he’s been pulling away, because he cares about me a lot.  Having done the same in the past, I kind of get it.  But the tiff we had about wanting to see him more really worried him, because…

It looks like he’s going to start flying out of Philly sometime this Spring.  So just as I was expressing the desire to see him more, he knew that we would be seeing each other less.

It needs to be discussed more, and there will be some issues.  But other people make it work.  But, I stressed, for it to work, we need more communication, which has been sorely lacking in the recent past.  And, I told him, I realized that I wasn’t completely clear in voicing my desire to see him more.  I didn’t necessarily mean with my eyes, although of course that’s the way it came across.  Only seeing him once a week wouldn’t bother me nearly as much if I could talk to him more often.  I used to get these texts that he was thinking about me, and I haven’t gotten one in a long time. 

He brought up something I once said, and again, I realized I wasn’t clear.  We were talking on the phone a few weeks ago, and I was going to see him that night.  I mentioned that I really don’t like talking on the phone – I’m just not a phone person.  He took that at face value.  I explained last night that no, I’m not a phone person, I don’t like talking on the phone, but if it’s a choice of talking to him or not, I obviously would prefer the former. 

So, some miscommunication, certainly, and not all of it on his shoulders.  We’ve still got a lot to discuss.  But I think if we can get the communication thing down, we might actually work.  I hope we do. 

Because I kinda sorta like this guy.  Just a little.

Oh, and I asked if it was cold and rainy in St Thomas the entire time he was there, and suggested that he assure me that it was.  He was at least smart enough to say yes – after my second warning.  🙂

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  1. Partner of a Pilot

    Well, watch this space then! Hopefully he’ll nurture your needs a little more!