I nearly missed the newest online test!  I was watching Jeopardy tonight, on time delay thanks to Tivo, and I suddenly remembered it was coming up.  I logged onto, and realized it was TONIGHT.  I quickly registered, then realized I needed to be logged in twenty minutes before the test time – like, NOW.  I logged, in about 30 seconds late, but it looks like I made it. 

I’ve taken the online test before, without much success.  In fact, I knew about three questions in that I was going to fail miserably.  You’re not supposed to phrase your answer in the form of a question – okay, you’re talking to the girl who answers the Wheel of Fortune puzzles with “What is Play It By Ear.”  Do you know how difficult it is to not say “what is”?

Of course, I’m also a glass of wine (or two) in.  After working out.  That cannot bode well.  We’ll see….

Man, that thing is TOUGH.  Seriously!  Frick – Miss Haversham!  (I just remembered the answer to one…)

For the record, 15 seconds to read the question and answer it is not enough time.   (Or maybe I’m just not as smart as I think I am.)

I…am not…the next Ken Jennings….

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