Eccentric News in my (not so) Delightful World

Just some random stuff, really…

Looks like I got my wireless router working again – yay me!  I ended up changing the channel/frequency, which somehow impressed the heck out of my more-tech-minded friend, but really was far easier than the upgrading the firmware bit.  Now I get to work on backing up my computer, wiping it clean, and reloading everything.  I’m a bit intimidated…

In other news, I was reading an article online today about a professor that woke up from a coma, and underneath that article, I read that there was a fire in my condo complex yesterday.  A two-alarm, 54 firefighter fire.  And somehow, even though I was home all day, and my complex isn’t that big, I seem to have completely missed it.   I don’t even remember the sirens – and you would think with 54 firefighters, there would be a lot of sirens!!  No worries – no damage to my building.

The Pilot has been somewhat…non-communicative lately.  I’m fighting the urge to be petty, but I don’t think I’ll succeed.  So, excuse me as I go back to being a hormonal 16 year old.  A lesson will likely not be learned, but maybe I’ll get some aggression out.  Maybe.

The Company laid off some people last week, but I’m still there, and have been assured that there will be no more layoffs.  Of course, I’m taking that with a grain of salt.  (Note to self…update CV…)

I’m gearing up to do more with my two part-time businesses – stay tuned to hear all about them (and buy, buy, buy!).  I joined several MeetUp groups to further my efforts.  I hope to be a busy girl soon.

I am really, really dying for a vacation.  Somewhere warm.  I swear, the minute I pay off all my debt, I am booking a freaking trip.  So that’s my goal with the businesses for the year – pay off my debt so that I can go on vacation.  Of course, NOW is when I need it.  Or maybe I just need a couple of margarita’s…..

A couple of margarita’s, a vacation, my Man.  Two out of three of those things would make me quite happy right now.


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