Meeting the parents (and all that jazz)

A poll for both guys and gals:

How long into a relationship did you introduce you’re significant other to your family?  And how long into the relationship did your significant other introduce you to his/her parents?  Give me pertinent information (like, well, it was 6 months in, but my parents live in Guam).

Also, how long into the relationship before your first “holiday” together?  This includes weekend getaways as well as week long cruises and trips.

I want comments, people!!


2 responses to “Meeting the parents (and all that jazz)

  1. Alright, I think Jon and my relationship was a little different than most…due to religious influence, but I digress. Jon had already met most of my family by the time I met him, as he was my brother’s college roommate. I met his dad, little brother and little sister casually about 6 days after we met. Our first “holiday” together was a week spent meeting his oldest sister & her family when we had been dating for about 6 weeks. I met his mother and the rest of his family after we were already engaged. Granted, we got engaged 5 months after meeting.

  2. I met Craig’s family about a year in and he met my family maybe a year and a half in. I know that seems like a long time to wait, but we don’t live near family. As for first holiday, that would have been Thanksgiving exactly one year after we started dating (I’m not including things like the 4th of July). Hope that helps.