I’m going to make some man very happy one day (aka, I don’t need no stinking diamond)

So, I finally sat down and watched Blood Diamond the other night.

My God.  People never cease to disgust me.

I’ve heard all about boy soldiers and conditions in diamond mines, civil war in African countries and the over-value of diamonds themselves.  I read about half of A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier, and while it was quite moving, it didn’t really force a change in my attitude.  It was sad, but still “unreal” in the way most atrocities you hear about are.  I sometimes feel like we are so immune to those kinds of things, because we see so much of it, and you get to the point where you think – “What can I do about it?”  And you go on living your life.

But watching Blood Diamond brought it home.  I sat through the first half of the movie nearly in tears, cursing the motherf*ckers who could possibly do things like that to other humans.  And I spent the second half of the movie swearing that I would never buy another diamond ever again.  And while I might wear an heirloom diamond something or other, I don’t want to be given a newly bought diamond, and yes, that includes the dream engagement ring nearly every girl wants.

Yes, yes, you can buy “conflict-free diamonds,” but how about another alternative?

I’m kind of liking this one:


Center stone is 1.72ct, side stones are .59ct each, total ct. wt is 3.05.  The cost?  $1998.  (Can be found here.)

Moissanite has more brilliance and fire than diamonds, and is harder than rubies , sapphires and emeralds.”

Having a higher refractive index than diamond, moissanite is the most brilliant of the colorless jewels…Moissanite clarity is comparable to that of a VS diamond and its color can vary around I-J-K in the diamond grading scale.

Moissanite looks so much like diamond that even jewelers have trouble separating them.”

Diamonds are an incredible rip-off.”  This site offers 7 reasons you should never buy a diamond and 8 reasons why Moissanite is a better choice.

“Beautiful is beautiful (no matter the origin).” 

“What’s better a Diamond or a human life?”

Check out this 20/20 spot (about 2 minutes in).  BTW, it’s a North Carolina company that holds the patent and manufactures the product.  (Small world, eh?)


2 responses to “I’m going to make some man very happy one day (aka, I don’t need no stinking diamond)

  1. I completely agree with you. I got my engagement ring before I really even knew what a blood diamond was or how diamonds came to be on the market. Since then, I told Jon to save his money and just buy me fake jewelry. There is some really well made stuff out there and then I don’t have to stress about losing it, etc.