Learn Something About…Green Grass and High Tides

“Green Grass and High Tides” is a song by the band The Outlaws, and was released in 1975.  It’s my mom’s favorite song, and the timing is right enough that I may have been conceived to its tune, which is why I think she likes it so much. 🙂   It has two loooonnnngggg guitar solos, so that the song is nearly 10 minutes in length.  That may be why it’s a more advanced song on Rock Band, because it was actually fairly easy to play (says the one who sang it and forced others who had never heard it before to play the guitar and drums).

The lyrics, for your enjoyment:

In a place you only dream of
Where your soul is always free
Silver stages, golden curtains
Filled my head, plain as can be
As a rainbow grew round the sun
All the stars I’ve love who died
Came from somewhere beyond the scene you see
These lovely people played just for me

Now if I let you see this place
Where stories all ring true
Will you let me past your face
To see what’s really you
It’s not for me I ask these questions
As though I were a king
For you have to love, believe and feel
Before the burst of tambourines take you there
Green grass and high tides forever
Castles of stone souls and glory
Lost faces say we adore you
As kings and queens bow and play for you
Those who don’t believe me
Find your souls and set them free
Those who do, believe and love
As time will be your key
Time and time again I’ve thanked them
For a piece of mind
They helped me find myself
Amongst the music and the rhyme
That enchants you there
(repeat chorus)



2 responses to “Learn Something About…Green Grass and High Tides

  1. We played this for your momma the other night, and nearly DIED. It’s the longest… song… EVER.

  2. delightfuleccentric

    Nuh-uh! Try playing In a Gadda da vida (or however the heck you spell it). Do they have THAT on Rock Band? (BTW – I canNOT believe you guys loaded Rock Band into the car and drove it halfway across the country on vacation. ADDICTS!)