A Race that makes a difference

Charlotte NC
October 4, 2008
Metro Population: 1,675,000
Number of participants: 11,323


Little Rock AR
October 11, 2008
Metro Population: 666,000
Number of participants: 45,928


I did the Charlotte Race for the Cure on October 4th.  I looked for some news coverage on it, but couldn’t find any.  I then did the Little Rock Race for the Cure on October 11th.  News helicopters hovered overhead.  News crews lined the race course, along with school marching bands, DJ’s spinning records, Barber Shop Quartets, Harley drivers revving their motorcycles, men cheering the women along (this Race is women’s only!), firemen throwing beads from the top of their truck, and much much more.  I have never seen as much spirit and effort put into an event.

Well done Little Rock.

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